Peter’s just so happy on the inside.

Peter: Jones, I need immediate backup.

Mozzie: I’m… the neighbor. Don.. Tate.. Haversham.
Peter: And you’re dating June?
Mozzie: Courting. Courting. What can I say… she likes a little uh, cream in her coffee. 

Lauren: You were part of my thesis at Quantico
Neal: Oh, really? How’d we do?
Lauren: 94.
Neal: Not bad, find anything interesting? 

Neal: Big Gulp is Paul, the dead mob guy. Coffee cup is Steve, our homeless vet. Mug is Maria. Napkin’s the Bible.

Out of all the female crooks, she might be my least favorite. There was something really creepy about her.

Only Neal Caffery could turn medieval manuscripts into game.

Neal: I swear to you, Peter, under no circumstances will I impersonate the FBI.

Peter: God said, “Shut thine doors and eat thine oranges?”

Mozzie: *drums fingers*